Highlighting the Good in Humanity

Imperfects was founded in 2015 by Mike Lynch. Mike is an entrepreneur, shaper, surfer, artist, and family man - building Imperfects as a lifestyle concept for a more enlightened Human Experience, is a life mission of Mike's which has been ongoing for over 15 years. The mission of Imperfects is to highlight the good in humanity by focusing on one's Imperfections - we craft the highest quality of Surfboards, Skateboards and Apparel as these our mediums which define one of our most defining human experiences, self-expression.

It's actually the opposite of what you are used to hearing in the world today yet it's so obvious and significant to celebrate your imperfections or in other words, your uniqueness. We ended up applying that methodology to our everyday approach and before we knew it, conversations with all kinds of beautiful people were forming into creative collaborations and new product development. It was an overwhelming realization that creativity is truly at the backbone of what we are doing because it is the ultimate way of putting oneself out into the world for all to see.

Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch: The Human Experience™

Reborn: Imperfection

ReBorn: Imperfection

A short film about the senses of the human experience.
Imperfects Soliloquy


A Journey into the Soul of Imperfection.

To embrace your imperfections is perfect and it allows you to share the value of your approach and your opinion - that is why we mindfully curate goods that are capable of bettering your human experience. 

Creation comes from Imperfection.