seavees x imperfects

All Humans Invited

The Return of Our Best Selling Shepherds Shirt

In Indigo Hickory Stripe Denim

The Square Tail All-Terrainer

In Acid Dip Rasta Cowboy

Made for Movement: Courier Shorts

Maximum Style and Utility

Summer Surf Caps

Men's Apparel
Timeless Pieces for Every Occasion.
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Women's Apparel
Made for the Human Experience.
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'Tougher Than The Rest'
Imperfects x Anna Dulaney
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Surf Craft
Shaped by hand in our Surf Factory.
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The Shepherds Shirt
A Jacket for Every Occasion
Our Best Selling Fit.
523L Pant in Post Consumer Denim
The 523L Pant
Crafted out of Recycled Materials.
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The Courier Short
In Jalapeno Twill.
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