Board - LFNM

The Little F**king Nightmare. The first of its kind, this is our shortboard at Imperfects. It is most things classic fish but blended with shortboard rails flip and rocker. Best in chest to overhead surf. It gets it's name because it is so challenging to twist the rails from a fish downrail into shortboard style rails. Ride it as a twin +1 or as a twinner. These little guys rip good. 


Blank: US Blanks with Dark Wood Stringer


Fins: Twin +1 Futures Boxes

Artwork: Clear Sanded Finish | Color Available (+$150)

Fin Recommedations: Futures Akila or True Ames Twin (+TMF-2 Trailer)

Sizes Available:

5'8" | 20.25" | 2.75"

Starting at $775

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