Four years later, Tin Cloth returns.

The Shepherds Shirt in Navy Tin Cloth

The Shepherds Shirt is back...

In Navy Tin Cloth

Made for all Humans

Corozo Buttons

Navy corozo pin shank buttons with brass shank. Removable for Laundering.

The Shawl Collar

Flip it up and get your Bueller on, flip it down and take Grandma to Brunch.

Waves Binding

With original artwork by Imperfects.

The Courier Pant in Navy Tin Cloth

Well Damn, Son

French Back Buckle

A copper clasp and classic pull tabs for tightening up your pants when you are in a rutt.

Signature Utility Thigh Pocket

That classic Imperfects drop in pocket good for quick phone access, nails, screws or trading baseball cards.

Reinforced Knee Panel

If you need to do some plumbing work or you want to put your skateboard pads in your Hickory Stripes, you can... because our reinforced knee panels are fully functional.