The Imperfects x Anna Dulaney Collection

Anna Dulaney. Where do we start? Entrepreneur, business owner, graphic designer, surfer, dog lover, feminist, humanitarian, and the list goes on. We are honored to collaborate with Anna Dulaney on her 'Tougher Than The Rest' Cowgirl.

Anna resides in Santa Barbara, CA where she runs Loud Flower, a screen-printing and design studio, with her business partner, Maddie. The two started this small passion driven concept with a mission to create purpose-driven, celebratory art that inspires positivity and belonging.

“Tougher Than The Rest is this everlasting thing of softness being toughness and compassion being one of humanity's biggest strengths.”

“We need to fight the idea that being vulnerable and showing emotion are bad things. Emotion lets us witness one another be us, which is fundamentally human.”

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"The Human Experience to me is friendship, connection, being witnessed, and having the gift or ability to witness others as well. We are wired for connection and that’s what Human Experience feels like to me. It is swimming in all of the feelings and experiencing life honestly and how you choose to do so.”